This is not a normal video

Video| Plinth and screens, variable, Approx: 4’ W X 7’ H X 2’ L|Track surrounding plinth and screen, variable, Approx: 12’ W X 20‘ L

This Is Not A Normal Video (2016) is a nine minute video work which utilizes found footage collected via YouTube to create a narrative that spans issues of intimacy, one’s personal relationship with technology, and the at times disturbing, evolving dialogue between human vs. machine and/or faceless corporation. This work articulates Youtube’s infrastructure and boundaries in which users agree, at times without realizing, to operate within. “Youtubers” create identities and form communities inside of themselves, and develop a sense of self through Youtube.

Colin Rosati and Sophia Katz

Colin Rosati is a Toronto based multimedia artist studying Integrated Media at OCAD.Colin’s practice includes projection installation, 3D animation and programming for generative and interactive artist projects. His work considers the network infrastructure of online systems and databases, making screen interventions into physical and virtual spaces, manufacturing environments to reveal the enigmatic qualities that circulate through networks. The aim is to speculate and question media infrastructure, including that of the user behind the screen. Sophia Katz is an author, musician, and media artist living in Toronto, Ontario. She is interested in the relationship between the authentic self and the performative self, in relationship to digital media and technology. Her work has been published on Medium, Everyday Genius, Hobart, Electric Cereal, That Lit Site, The Bohemyth and more, and has captured the attention of Dazed Digital, Vice, Rhizome, Flare, Fanzine, Flavorwire and Gawker.