2/5 BZ

Serhat Köksal founded his 2/5 BZ project in Istanbul in 1986. As a constantly evolving multimedia project, the output is in disparate formats: tapes, video collages, CD-ROMs, audio CDs, photocopied zines and live performances. On stage, 2/5 BZ is Köksal solo or together with a large group (performing with tapes, samplers, saz, darbouka, electronics, drums, vocals). Utilizing elements from traditional music, experimental electronica, improvisation and Turkish cinema, 2/5 BZ under the slogan “No Ethnic Market No Exotic” investigates culturalistic cliches and their effects on the economical and political situation of individuals. At CTM.06 Köksal plays his new performance ‘Remake Exotic’. He has worked as a multimedia artist with various releases in video, music, and literary formats since 1991. The work often balances on the verge of trash, and continuously engages with remakes and collages of music, cinema, speech, and field recordings. 2/5BZ has performed live audiovisual performances under motto ”NO Touristik NO Exotik” in 91 cities in clubs, festivals, squats, and exhibitions. New global power complexes demand new multi-sensory ways of seeing power and sensing one’s own position in it: new sets of sensory politics.
Following the concept of “altered states”—a geopolitics spectralized by sensory overload and dispossession and by the relocation of power in the post-democratic or post-digital era—the performance GEZILLA DESTROYS ISISTANBUL will reconsider what is (or was) referred to as Europe. It will also engage the Golden Age Global Hologram Doctrine, Isistanbul, and Anxt Hase States, and feature modern isolation tanks as part of the new inventory of “hardcore ultra modernism.” Isistanbul is also the title of a video-essay by Serhat Köksal, included in the upcoming after.video/assemblages, which is the first issue of a new hybrid “video-book” series by Open Humanities Press.
Below, you can find some of his works: